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Nursery Flowering Shrubs
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Michelia - oriental pearl. Click for more information...
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Michelia - oriental pearl
Gardenia augusta florida. Click for more information...
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Gardenia augusta florida
Evergreen small shrub, deep glossy green leaves, large double white fragrant flowers. Warm sheltered position or glass-house in southern australia
$ 10.00
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metrosideros thomasii. Click for more information...
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metrosideros thomasii
An attractive and very hardy medium sized evergreen tree, flowering in late autumn, spring and summer, with bright orage pom-pom like flowers. Ideal for use as a specimen tree or as a hedge. Likes a sunny aspect in well drained soil. Good for use in costal areas. Frost tender when young. Can be pruned to shape and size after spring, summer flowering. LIKES Sun, Wind tollerant, Hedging, Coastal Conditions, Well drained soil, Bird attracting
$ 6.00
GST Included
michelia champaca. Click for more information...
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michelia champaca
Handsome evergreen tree. Small yellow sweetly scented flowers in summer. For tropical gardens.
$ 14.00
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michelia coco. Click for more information...
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michelia coco
This Michelia is an attractive, ornamental, evergreen, evergreen, hardy shrub. It produces highly scented, sweet, perfumed flowers during late winter into early spring and spot flowering in late summer. Michelia Coco grows to 3 meters and is an ideal tub specimen but it is also perfect for screening or as specimen planting in any garden situation. It is equally happy in full sun as it is in filtered light competing very well with big trees. It will tolerate most conditions but will grow better in a well drained position. Soil type and condition will influence growth rate. This plant is an easy care plant, free of pests and disease and although it appreciated being most during summer it will tolerate dry conditions very well. Fertilise during spring and summer. Do not fertlise during winter.
$ 9.50
GST Included
michelia figo. Click for more information...
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michelia figo
Evergreen medium shrub, dark green small glossy leaves, small brownish-purple richly fragrant flowers in spring and summer
$ 9.50
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