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Nursery Native Plants
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elaeocarpus eumundii. Click for more information...
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elaeocarpus eumundii
A slow growing, medium to large, evergreen tree. In 100 litre bags A dense crown of dark green glossy foliage and flushes of deep bronze-red new growth. Decorative, dark blue, round fruit Plant in any well drained soil which is rich in organic matter and apply an organic fertilizer in early spring. keep well watered and mulched during dry periods. Too large for the average home garden but well suited to parks, acerage plantings and landscapes. Likes: Full sun, warm to hot conditions, An Australian Plant
$ 265.00
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assorted advanced trees. Click for more information...
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assorted advanced trees
$ 35.00
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allyn magic. Click for more information...
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allyn magic
$ 15.50
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