Arcadia Turf operating a Trebro Stackit Cutting Green Couch. November 2016
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We can supply a large variety of turf grasses to suit any project size from domestic lawns through to 30,000 square meter commercial projects like golf courses, sports fields or Airport Corporations. Here are some of the varieties that we can supply. If you are looking for something specific and not listed here give us a call.

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arcadia green couch. Click for more information...
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arcadia green couch
Arcadia Green couch still available. Photo shown is September 2016
$ 5.50
GST Included
bobcat hire. Click for more information...
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bobcat hire
Need a turfprep. We have our own equipment at Arcadia. Min. Charge 2.5hrs We can help with- -Turf preps We can supply and install soil. -Installing Gravel, Bobcat, gravel and matting. -Spreading Mulch. Barks, composts and wood chips, For schools, homes or commercial buildings. - Installing Roadbase. We have a new vibrating drum roller for this. Driveways or Carparks. -Rubbish clear up and gardens removal.
$ 95.00
GST Included
Sir walter softleaf buffalo. Click for more information...
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Sir walter softleaf buffalo
Soft to touch, Grows Great in full sun or shade, Out competes weeds, Low allergenic, finer leaf and wear resistant
$ 12.50
GST Included

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